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Individuals & Families

Discover the path to holistic well-being with justBe's tailored classes for individuals and families. Unlock the secrets to managing stress, healing from trauma, and strengthening your bonds.


Embrace a healthier, happier life today. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and growth. Take the first step—book your class now!

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Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland

Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland partnered with justBe to provide self-care education to their staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. justBe's experiential education successfully improved the effectiveness of the Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland team, highlighting the importance of self-care in promoting well-being in the workplace.

Liddle Kidz Foundation

Liddle Kidz Foundation Founder and Director Tina Allen contacted justBe because she was looking for a company that understood their unique program needs on various projects. justBe designed self-care approaches for Liddle Kidz Foundation’s courses that can be used with children, families, and healthcare staff. justBe and Liddle Kidz Foundation have developed a long-standing global partnership.

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Baltimore’s B’More for Healthy Babies and Promise Heights

justBe partnered with Baltimore's B'More for Healthy Babies and Promise Heights to develop self-care programs for families experiencing stress and social isolation. Their in-person and virtual community engagement programs improved the health and well-being of participants, emphasizing the importance of community engagement and experiential learning in promoting self-care in underserved communities.

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