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Liddle Kidz Foundation

The Liddle Kidz Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides education and training to healthcare professionals and caregivers on the benefits of touch therapy for infants, children, and families. Founder and Director Tina Allen contacted justBe because she was looking for a company that understood their unique program needs on various projects.


The Liddle Kidz Foundation needed a partner that could design self-care approaches for their courses that could be used with children, families, and healthcare staff. They wanted to ensure that their program participants had access to effective self-care techniques that would help them manage the physical and emotional demands of their work.


justBe was able to develop customized self-care approaches for the Liddle Kidz Foundation's courses that were tailored to the specific needs of their program participants. These approaches were designed to help participants manage stress, reduce burnout, and improve their overall well-being. Through this partnership, justBe and the Liddle Kidz Foundation have developed a long-standing global partnership, and have been able to support the health and well-being of thousands of children, families, and healthcare staff around the world.​


Overall, the partnership between justBe and the Liddle Kidz Foundation has been a great success. By prioritizing self-care approaches and techniques, the Liddle Kidz Foundation has been able to equip their program participants with the tools they need to manage the demands of their work and improve their overall well-being. This partnership also highlights the importance of collaboration and customized approaches when designing self-care programs, especially in the healthcare sector. Future research could explore additional strategies for promoting self-care in healthcare settings and improving the well-being of healthcare professionals and caregivers.

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